Tree Service and Tree Trimming

You will want to get your trees cut if you are trimming dead branches, trying to keep a nice shape, and/or need to thin out trees to increase light. You will want to have routine maintenance done to your trees. You will want to make sure that when you prune your trees that you don’t have too much trimmed at once, because it can cause stress to the tree and reduce the growth. You will also want to trim your trees if there are safety issues – branches too close to wires or too close to the house.

Tree Trimming is one of the most common requested tree services. If your property is on a woods, your trees get trimmed by mother nature. But if you are like the rest of us, keeping your home’s landscape up to par requires a tree service company to maintain their look. That is because pruning or trimming has to be done by someone that understands trees. Permanent damage can occur or even kill a tree if you try to trim it yourself without the property knowledge.

Most trees need to be trimmed before Spring. Most of your trees growth takes place in Spring. However, you will need to understand what type of tree you have. Birches and maples can “bleed” if they are trimmed to early. If you have a diseased tree, trimming them can spread when cutting out the wounds. You will want to be sure to have an arborist check the health of your tree before they start cutting.

You will want to make sure to trim your tree just outside the branch collar. The branch collar contains branch tissue and should not be damaged or removed. You will want to cut just beyond the collar if the trunk collar has grown out on a dead limb. If you are removing large limbs, you will want to make an under cut about 15 to 18 inches where the limb attaches. A second cut above or a few inches down the limb should be make to remove it.

No matter if you want to trim your trees, remove a tree or plant a new one, you will want to consult an arborist. Your local tree service company will suggest the type of maintenance that needs to be done to improve the appearance, safety and health of your trees. They really are the best option unless you have a lot of knowledge and experience in growing and in tree trimming.

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Home Services

May as well start out by discussing what services are available to your home – some of the things that we will be covering in our posts.

1. Carpet and Tile and Grout Cleaning:  Everyone needs someone to clean their carpet, rugs, and upholstery. If you have been in your home a while, or if you are buying a fixer upper – you will want to get your tile and especially your grout cleaned to give your home that like-new look and feel.

2. Window Cleaning:  Let the like shine in!  As you know as a home owner, having your windows clean brightens your home.  You will want to get your screens cleaned and patched up – especially if you live in an area with a lot of bugs.

3. Tree Service: We often don’t think about trimming our trees until they are over grown or something appears to be wrong with the tree.  It is important that you find a reliable company to come out every year or every other year to keep your trees and your other plants maintained.  If the trees are overgrown, it can keep the sun from getting to your grass, fruit trees and other plants.  When you landscape your yard you will want to make sure that the plants your purchased for sun are actually getting sun.

4. Pool Building and Pool Cleaning:  Not everyone has a pool, but most want them.  If you don’t have a pool, we will have articles about how to find the right pool builder as well as how to select the right pool for your taste, style of your home and size of your yard.

5. Housekeeper: Again, not everyone wants someone else to clean their home, but most do.  We will have articles about how to find the right housekeeper, the price range for your city and state, and what types of tasks you should have them do for you on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

6. Home Organizer:  This is often a luxury, but wow is it helpful.  Often times, if we get someone out once to help us organize our home – we can keep it that way.  We will have ideas on how you can organize your own home as well as how to find the right person to help you if you are fortunate enough to be able to afford someone to help.  Also, how to recognize the organizers in your life.  Friends are a great resource to help as well.

7. Lawn Maintenance: Unless you love spending time learning about landscaping, horticultural and watering schedules year round, you will want to find a reputable company to come out weekly to keep up your lawn and your curb appeal

We look forward to keeping you updated on home services and look forward to your feedback or even tips for us.  If you have tips, please contact us!